Student Comments

Here are some lovely things people have said about my teaching!

‘I really enjoyed the demands of the machines, and Katy’s support as my body worked to meet them!’ – JW, April 2016

‘3 and a half years – we’ve never been committied to a class for that long!

You make classes whatever people want them to be – you push us, but not beyond what we want to do so it never becomes a chore. What really makes it is your humour.’ – SD & AW, August 2013

‘Thank you for being such a kind, helpful and encouraging Pilates teacher. I’ve enjoyed my Wednesday mornings over the past few years and will miss your observations about Pilates and life in general!’ – TT, August 2013

‘ Thank you for helping on my journey with my back.’ – R, August 2013

‘Thank you, Katy. You are a brilliant teacher and you have done us all good.’ – August, 2013

‘Thank you for introducing me to the world of Pilates. It has changed my life and I will be able to take everything you have taught me through the rest of my life. It has been a revelation.’ – JK, August 2013

‘Thought i should let you know my back feels great this morning 🙂  I don’t know which exercise is responsible, but my lower back feels a lot free-er.’ JA – May 2013

‘I just wanted to say thanks for the great class this evening I really enjoyed it. My friend recommended you to me and I was not disappointed.

It can be a bit scary when you begin to creak and things don’t work so well. It is so easy to get injured and I have been to some suspect classes in the past but tonight I really knew I was in safe hands, you are obviously a careful teacher.

Can I also thank you for explaining the breathing so well, in all the years I have done Pilates, (and I have had 4 teachers), no one has explained it so clearly!’ KB – November 2011